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Production Performance Optimisation…Myth or Reality?

Is Performance Optimisation a commercial reality within the UK food and drink industry?

It is undoubtedly a sincere goal for many but, like Perfection, can be illusive.

Unlock hidden factory profits

Improve Yields, Minimise Downtime, Eliminate Coding Errors, Reduce Wastage

The Importance of Real Time Information

Factory Wide Real Time Information is Vital to GMP & Performance Improvement

Time to Re-Visit Average Quantity

Is your Control of Weights/Volume merely Average?

News and Updates

Total Compliance at Lowest Manufactured Cost

Harford Control leads the way in line performance management and offers the most comprehensive system available in the world today.

At Harford Control, we offer a performance management system to cover all your Factory Floor Management Information (MIS) needs in a single turnkey system to include any combination or all of the following:

The ease of use, extent of integration and breadth of function combine to create a unique system that is, quite simply, unparalleled.

Most of our clients produce fast moving consumer goods and their customers, in turn, include major supermarket chains. In today's fiercely competitive markets, information management can determine the winners and losers. It is vital to:

  • Reduce Exposure to Risk - including Coding & Labelling Compliance
  • Reduce Manufacturing Costs
  • Improve Profitability

Our clients (including Diageo, Dairy Crest, Reckitt Benckiser and Unilever) are world class and they demand a world-class information management system, to help them stay ahead.

Harford Control provides an innovative integrated line performance management information solution (MIS) that gives you an unprecedented wealth of real-time information, delivered to your desktop, so you can be sure that your production performs at its best at all times, and raising your OEE results to new levels.

With Harford Control, you can be sure that every single element of your production process is optimised whilst risk and costs are minimised.

Isn't it time you put Harford Control at the heart of your performance optimisation?